Frequently asked one word substitutions-1


Most Important One word substitution

  1. A body of persons appointed to hear evidence or judge and give their verdict (decision): Jury
  2. Ready to believe anything: Credulous
  3. One who can walk on ropes: Funambulist
  4. One who hates mankind: Misanthrope
  5. A remedy for all diseases: Panacea
  6. Worship of idol or images: Idolatry
  7. One who breaks the established traditions and image: Iconoclast
  8. Occurring at night: Nocturnal
  9. Seeing something which is not actually present: Hallucination
  10. One who finds nothing good in something: Critic
  11. That which cannot be easily read: Illegible
  12. Fear of water: Hydrophobia or Aqua phobia
  13. To confirm with the help of evidence: Implicate
  14. The absence of law or order: Anarchy
  15. An animal story with moral: Fable
  16. A man who helps strangers or a person in difficulties: Samaritan
  17. Try to settle dispute between two other parties: Mediate
  18. A person who enters without any invitation: Intruder
  19. One who doesn’t believe in the existence of God: Atheist
  20. One who makes an official examination of accounts: Auditor
  21. Conferred as an honor: Honorary
  22. The burial of corpse: Interment
  23. Medical study of skin and its diseases: Dermatology
  24. A process involving too much official formality: Red-tapism
  25. One who runs away from the justice or the law: Fugitive
  26. One who is skillful: Dexterous
  27. A person who deserves all praise: Laudable
  28. Study of ancient things: Archaeology 
  29. A person who agrees to work for someone in order to learn a skill: Apprentices
  30. A land fit for growing crops: Arable

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