Medieval Indian History

The Mughal Emperor : Babur

1. Who wrote Baburnama : Babur

2. Krishnadev Rai was contemporary with : Babur

3. Against whom Babur fought the first battle of Panipat :Ibrahim Lodi

4. In India who used the artillery for the first time : Babur

5. Where did Babur die : Agra

6. At which battle Mughal Empire was founded: The first battle of Panipat

7. The king of Mewar, whom Babur defeated in the battle of Khanwa in 1527, was : Rana Sanga

8. After becoming the Mughal ruler of India, Zahiruddin Muhammad named himself as: Babur

10. The court official language of Mughal court was : Persian

9. In which language Babur wrote his Baburnama : Turkish

11. Who built the Baburi Masjid at Ayodhya : Mir Baki

12. ‘Humayunama’ in which it is mentioned that Babur’s death was caused by poison, written by : Gulbadan Begum

13. The Mousoleum of Babur is located in: Kabul

14. Who defeated Malva’s ruler Medani Roy in the battle of Chanderi: Babur

15. Who translated Tuzuk-i-Baburi in Persian: Abdur Rahim Khan i Khanan

16.Who are the only two emperors of the Mughal Emperor who wrote their biographies: Babur and Jahangir

17.Which Mughal King popularised the use of Gun Powder and artillery in India: Babur

18.During which Battle did Babur declared Jihad and assume the title of Ghazi in India: Battle of Khanwa (1527) against Rana Sanga

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