Best study plan for Assam Govt Upcoming Examination


Dear Readers,

As we have less than 15 days for Assam Secretariat Exam, we have prepare a smart study plan. Lets follow this plan and get a most lucrative job in “JANATA BHAWAN”

Lets follow the study plan.

First part plan:

As mentioned in the official advertisement General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude and General English will share 150 marks, we assume English will carry maximum marks also in English, paragraph and sentence arrangements may given.

For English we suggest following topics most Important

  1. Articles – 5 marks
  2. One word substitution – 5 marks
  3. Phrase and Idioms -5 marks
  4.  Error Correction- 5 marks
  5. Spelling Correction – 10 marks
  6. Sentence Arrangements – 5 marks
  7. Paragraph – 5 marks
  8. Voice & Narration – 5 marks
  9. Vocabulary – 5 marks
  10. Word Opposite Meaning- 5 marks
  11. Appropriate Preposition- 10 marks
  12. Antonym and Synonym – 10 marks

We are expecting 75 marks from English and rest 75 marks from Quantitative and General Knowledge

General Knowledge:

Based on previous secretariat and other Assam Government Examinations we prepared a plan, hope it will works for Secretariat Examination

  1. Modern History mainly (Mughal Period)
  2. Indian Constitution
  3. Fundamental Rights and Duties
  4. Directive Principles of State Policy(DPSP)
  5. State Government
  6. Awards
  7. Country and Capital
  8. Assam GK
  9. Upcoming Sports Event Name and Host Countries with Mascot
  10. Basic Science Question (You can refer Lucent GK)

Quantitative Aptitude:

  • We suggests go through R.S. Agarwal Book or Quicker Maths by M.Tyra

This study plan is prepared according to latest trend of Assam Government Various Department Examinations. Stick to this plan and discuss with friends or other aspirants to prepare for the exam


All the Best!!









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