Assam GK for upcoming Assam Direct Recruitment 2022

Assam GK -1

1. The temple of Basisthasram was built by :Rajeswar Singh

2. Patharughat revolt took place in : 1894

3. Longest international boundary of Assam : Dhubri

4. Naranarayan Setu connects : Bongaigaon & Goalpara

5.Member from Assam in Constitution Drafting Committee : Md Sadullah

6. ‘Suwaguritola’ is a custom connected with: Assamese marriage

7. In which year Kaziranga was elevated to National Park : 1974

8. The offices of the Barbarua & Barphukan were created by : Pratap Singh

10.The Kachari King to assume the title ‘Pratap Narayan’ after defeating the Ahoms was:Joso Narayan

9. Chutia kingdom was conquered by: Suhungmung Dihingia Raja

11. Rudra Singh first built the Rang Ghar with bamboo and wood. It was rebuilt with brick and mortar by : Pramata Singha

12. Battle of Mahagarh was fought between : Chandra Kanta Singha & the Burmese

13. Earliest king of Assam : Mahiranga Danava

14. ‘Fatiyah-i-Ibriyah’ was written by : Shihabuddin Talish

15. The national highway that connects Guwahati with Shillong : NH40

16. Who was the President of the first session of Asom Chatra Sanmilon :Lakshminath Bezbaruah

17.In the Battle of Saraighat next to Lachit Barphukan was in the leadership of: Raj Mantri Aton Buragohain Dangariya

18. The Chief Commission ship was introduced in Assam in : 1874

19.Which one season of the following is associated with Bordoichila in Assam :Pre-Monsoon Season

20. Who is known as ‘Bihogi kobi’ : Raghunath Choudhary

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