Assam GK for upcoming Assam Direct Recruitment-2022

Assam GK-2

  1. The Hayagriva Madhava temple of Hajo is located in : Monikut Hill
  2. Who was the second president of Assam Sahitya Sabha : Chandradhar Barua
  3. The Soti Joymoti Divas is observed on : 27th March
  4. In which year Assamese magazine ‘Jonaki’ was first published : 1889
  5. ‘Prahlad Charitra’ was written by : Hema saraswati
  6. Lachit Divas is celebrated on : 24th November
  7. The first novel by Rajanikanta Bordoloi was : Miri Jiyari
  8. The Assam region was separated from the Bengal Presidency as ‘ North- East Frontier ‘ in : 1874
  9. The Gohain Kamal Ali was constructed during the reign of : Nara Narayan
  10. Who had conferred Gopinath Bordoloi with the title ‘ Lokapriya’ : Jairam Das Daulatram
  11. The first women University in Assam ‘Assam Womens’ University’ is located in : Jorhat
  12. Who is the first recipient of  Asom Ratna award : Bhupen Hazarika
  13. Which one was the capital of Kachari Kingdom : Dimapur
  14. The coins used during Ahom reign was :Takka
  15. Who was the first recipient of Assam Valley Literary award : Bhabendra Nath Saikia
  16. Who was the first British Commissioner of Assam : David Scott
  17. Who was the founder of Chutia Kingdom : Birpal
  18. Tungkhungia Buranji was written by: Srinath Duara Barbarua
  19. Who lead the Mughal Army in the battle of Saraighat : Ram Singh I
  20. Hune Tsang visited Assam in the year : 636 AD

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